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The Fear-Mongering Wyrms are a subspecies of dragons who live near the Sunland.

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Wyrms are described as being ten times the size of gryfon, with long, thick necks and bodies as stout and muscled as a boar's. Their heads are at least the size of a gryfon, and are wedge-shaped with a crest of thick horns. They have bat-like wings, and tails that end in a sharp spade. Their paws each have four thick, curving claws, and their mouths hold rows of shark-like fangs. [1] Wyrms have bony scales that shield their chest, legs, and faces, like armor. The rest of their skin is like leathery boar hide. Their colors tend to be dull, earthy colors. [2] They show malcontent towards Sunland dragons and gryfons.


The wyrms used to be friends with the Sunland Dragons until the year Kajar spent with them. Kajar betrayed the Sunland dragons and fled back to his homeland in the Winderost. The dragon emperor, who was mad with Kajar, chased the wyrms into the caves and enslaved them, forcing them to dig out jewels. When the emperor's madness increased, he sent the wyrms after Kajar, and the wyrms terrorized the Winderost ever since.

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References Edit

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