Vidar is a pure-blooded Vanir and the mate of Eyvin.

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Vidar has brown feathers and a singer's voice as noted by Ragna.


Flying in soon!


The father of Dagr and Einarr.

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Vidar apparently thought about courting Sigrun, but Stigr beat him off with a spar. After the Conquering, Vidar decided to take Eyvin as his mate. They truly loved each other, as said by Vidar when he tells Ragna that he thought Eyvin was noble, like Caj. They had two sons, and four years before the first series he was exile for flying at night.

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Vidar is mentioned when Dagr is exiled by Sverin, at it is mentioned that he was the one who flew at night, and so Sverin thought that Dagr would later betray him.

Later, when Dagr and Maja are about to fly to find the rest of the Vanir, Stigr mentions that Dagr's father might still be alive.

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Vidar appears later into the book when he and Dagr's band of exiled Vanir return to The Silver Isles. He looks around for Eyvin and Einarr, and when Astri says that Einarr is dead, he seems shocked.

When Sverin goes to have his penance, Vidar forgives Sverin in front of the entire Vanir and Aesir pride.

Later, Vidar helps Ragna collect mollusks that had been stolen by a sea bird. Vidar tells Ragna that Eyvin will not forgive him for flying at night, and now does not love him anymore. He then goes on to blame himself saying he should never of flown at night, and if he hadn't, his son never would have died.

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Unlike Ollar, Vidar cares deeply for grandson and doesn't think he's weak. In The Starward Light, Vidar is seen sitting with Dagr and Eyvindr when Brynja lights the fires.

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Deceased or unknown status
  • Einarr
  • Eirikur

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Vidar's Family Tree


Eyvin (formerly); Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Starward Light)


Dagr; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)

Einarr; Deceased, killed by Sverin


Astri; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)


Eirikur; Deceased, cause of death unknown


Eyvindr; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)

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  • Vidar shares his name with the Norse god of vengeance. His name means "wide warrior".
    • His name can also mean "forest warrior".
  • He once though of courting Sigrun.
  • He is the only known male Vanir born before the Conquering who mated to a female Aesir.




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