Toskil is a former exiled Vanir gryfon.



Toskil is a brown gryfon with gray/brown feathers and was born in the same spring as Rashard[1]. He has brownish eyes, just like his mother[2].


In The Summer King Chronicles ArcEdit


Toskil appears after Rashard flees from the Dawn Spire and falls nameless. His mother chases him away, but not before recognizing who he is.

A Shard of SunEdit

He later appears when prince KjornBrynja and Nilsine finds the Vanir. He seems distressed and guilty that Rashard went to look for him and his mother, knowing he might have sent his own king to death. He later appears after Rashard brings his mother to him.

By the Silver WindEdit

Toskil later appears at the beginning of the book when Shard is teaching his Vanir swimming and flying techniques for the flight home. He doesn't like diving into the water, and is nervous at first, but Shard helps him. He later appears after some of the Lakelanders get into a fight with the painted wolves, telling Shard and Kjorn about the fight.

Family TreeEdit


Unnamed Mother

List of all Family MembersEdit

Toskil's Family Tree


Unnamed; Deceased, cause of death unknown


Unnamed; Deceased, killed by the Wyrms


  • His name is possibly derived from "Asketill", which means "God's Helmet".
    • It could also be derived from the Old Norse name "Torkel", which means "Thor's Cauldron".
  • He is the same age as Shard.


Skyfire QuotesEdit

A Shard of Sun QuotesEdit

Toskil: This land was her home for ten years, as harsh as it was. She raised me here. She would be glad to rest here. With my father. You and I were born the same spring, my lord. We would have grown up together.

Shard: We'll come to know each other now.

Toskil speaking to Shard about his mother and their birth.A Shard of Sun-A New Wind-Page 369

By the Silver Wind QuotesEdit





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