Tollak is a young half-blood gryfon living in the Silver Isles.



Tollak is mottled gray with a falcon mask[1] and flashing iridescent lavender in the sun.


In The Starward Light, Tollak was shown to fret over each of the pregnant gryfesses as if they were his own mate, meaning that he cares about his pride and thinks of them as his family. He is also close friends with Embra, and enjoys pulling pranks and rebelling.


Tollak is a good friend of princess Embra. He likes to play with her, and is said to have allowed her to stay up later than other kits her age. He was once one of Sverin's guards, and fought in The Battle of Pebble's Throw.


In The Summer King Chronicles ArcEdit

A Shard of SunEdit

Along with Andor, Tollak is one of the warriors who attacks Sverin after Caj manages to restore his sanity.

By the Silver WindEdit

Tollak is briefly mentioned when Ragna tells Vald to find another guard for Sverin.

In the Short StoriesEdit

The Starward LightEdit

Tollak appears when Brynja goes to speak to Dagr about Astri. He stands close to the copper gryfon as if they were wingbrothers.

The Salmon RunEdit

He later appears in Salmon Run, where his friendship with Embra is revealed. Embra asks him to help her escape from the nest, but he declines, saying that her father had spoken. He also appears when the young princess goes missing, and Shard accuses him of helping her escape. He helps them look for the kit.

He is briefly mentioned at the end, when Dagr tells Shard to eat something because he ends up skinnier than Tollak.



Embra and Tollak are good friends, as the latter likes to play with the former.


Tollak is quite close to Dagr, and Brynja notices that the two of them are stand as close as wingbrothers would. This could possibly mean that the two of them are wingbrothers.


  • His name is Norwegian for "Thor's Play".
  • Along with Dagr and Astri, he is one of the only known Half-Bloods born during Sverin's rule who stayed in the Silver Isles.




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