Wild boar by ivelin-d3ctpil
The Hunt
is an initiation test which young male gryphons of the Aesir pride take to show their loyalty to the king and the pride. Their job is to hunt down an animal as a group.

According to the results and the skill showed, the young male could remain in the Pride or being exiled. An example was Einarr's brother who was exiled before he could even start the hunt because he didn't do The Hunt sooner. 

After The Hunt gryfons are all allowed to tell their story to the whole Pride. 

The announcing of the Hunt is a very grave one and many of the gryfons are exiled if they have done poorly. 


Song of the Summer KingEdit

Rashard joined The Hunt to prove his loyalty to the pride. In that hunt he went with Kjorn , Halvden and Einarr. There they hunted for a boar. But while Shard was trying to chase it he met a wolf named Catori who showed him how to kill the boar named Lapu . Successfully The Hunt killed Lapu with the instruction Catori has given to Shard, and to make him stop struggling to say some words. 

Shard told his story to the pride and Sverin took off his jewels for the story telling. When Kjorn talked to Sverin he said that the only reason Shard wasn't exiled was because he was Windbrothers with Kjorn. 

Later Shard went back to Catori to ask why Lapu layed his life down when he whispered the words to him and in the Language of the Earth Catori told Shard that he said.