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In the Summer King Chronicles, there are a lot of terminology which is used. Here are some terminology which all the creatures use.


Half-Bloods are the offspring of two different gryfon species. Most of the half-bloods live in the Silver Isles, after what took place ten years before the series began.


A state of excessive fear where a sapient animal (i.e. gryfons) becomes locked in fear/regret/shame and is unable to remember to be brave and therefore, forget who they are; Nameless.


The DaynightEdit

The summer solstice.

The Long NightEdit

The winter solstice.

The HalfnightEdit

The autumn equinox.

The HalflightEdit

The spring equinox.

The DirectionsEdit


The direction where dawn comes from (where the sun rises). East.


The direction opposite of Dawnward, where the sun sets. West.


The direction where the stars rise, north.


The direction of wind, south.

The First TreeEdit

A tree on the Star Isle that is said to be carved during the First Age and the first tree of the Silver Isles.

The Four WindsEdit




The most violent of the four winds. Supposed to signify change and chaos.


The GodsEdit


The god who is represented by the sun and a lion.


The goddess who is represented by the moon and an eagle.

The HuntEdit

An initiation for males in the pride of the Silver Isles. They are to find and hunt an animal (usually a boar) in order to bring back the meat.

Gryfons that participated in the hunt:

  • Einarr
  • Halvden
  • Kjorn
  • Rashard

The Red KingsEdit

A group of three kings (Kajar, Per and Sverin) who have The Dragon's Blessing and bright red feathers.

The Summer KingEdit

A title for a gryfon who will see farther and rise higher. The Summer King, also known as the Star King (by the wolves) and the Starsent (by the Winderost lions and wolves) is supposed to bring peace. Rashard is the Summer King.

The Wild HuntEdit

A hunt in the Winderost.

Gryfons who participated in the Wild Hunt:

  • Asvander
  • Brynja
  • Dagny
  • Orn
  • Rashard
  • Stigr



Animals that are unable to speak


A Wingbrother/Wingsister is a close friend to another griffon. These griffons are so close to one another that they consider each other siblings by vow if not by blood.