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There are different Songs sung in the Summer King series. The biggest and most important one is the Song of the Summer King, but there are also other minor songs, typically sung by the Vanir, Vanhar, or wolves.

Song of the Summer King Edit

Ragna first sings this song when the current Red King Sverin declares war on the wolves. Sverin wrongly names his son the Summer King, when it is really Ragna's son, Rashard.

One will rise higher,

One will see farther,

His wing beats part the storm

They will call him the summer king

And this will be his song

He sees all like the sky,

His heart burns like the sun

He brings justice to the wronged,

They will call him the Summer King

And this will be his song

He flies in the night

And in the day

And his wings are like light on water.

He listens to all who speak, speaks to all who hear

And his voice is like the song of summer.

He is borne aloft by the Silver Wind

He alone flies the highest peak,

And when they hear his song at battle's end

The Nameless shall know themselves

And the Voiceless will once again speak.

He comes when he is needed

He comes when he is called

He is called the Summer King, and this will be his song.

The Gryfon Mother's Lament Edit

Einarr and his mate Astri sing this song to the whelping gryfesses to calm them.

Eyes wide, heart full,

Stand my nestling, tall and proud

Stand my nestling tall and proud

Stay my young one

Stay with me

The world is dark and harsh and bleak

Don't fly, don't fight just let it be

And stay, young one, stay with me

Wings wide, heart free

Fly my fledgling, far from me

Fly my fledgling, far from me.

Claws wide, heart cold

Fight, my warrior, fierce and bold

Fight, my warrior, fierce and bold

Eyes closed, heart still

Rest my young one

In Tyr's bright hills,

Rest, my young one

In Tyr's bright hills.

The Song of First Light Edit

Which came first, the mountain, or the sea?

Not even the eldest could say,

Whether first came wave or tree.

Which came first, the silence, or the song?

Not even the rowan could say,

Had it a voice and lived so long.

Only in stillness the wind,

Only from ice the flame.

When all were Nameless, the wise will tell,

It was only by knowing each other,

They came to know themselves.

The Song of Last Light Edit

Which rises first, the night wind, or the stars?

Not even the owl could say,

Whether first comes the song or the dark.

Which fades last, the birdsong, or the day?

Not even the sky could tell,

Whether last stills the sun or the jay.

Only the long day brings rest

Only the dark of night, dawn.

When the First knew themselves, the wise will say,

They took their names to the Sunlit Land

but their Voice in the wind sings on.

Unnamed Dragon Song Edit

This song is sung by Hikaru when Shard asks him if he remembers any songs after they escape the Horn of Midragur.

The noble draw wind from the water

The brave will call fire from stone.

The foolish seek gold in the mountain

The last know that wood grows from bone.

Unnamed Lion SongEdit

This song is sung when Kjorn hunts with the lioness Ajia and her pride.

The herd grazes under the moon,

and now the dark is high.

The herd grazes under the moon,

and one knows his time is nigh.

The eye of Tor watches, her light guides us on.

The breath of Tor whispers, we follow her song.

One goes now to the Sunlit Land

But his Voice in the wind sings on.

Song of the Four Winds Edit

This song is sung by the Vanhar after The Battle of Torches.

A new wind, a bright wind, a silver wind is blowing.

The winds will whisper, one and all,

To those they know are listening.

Raise your wings, young fledge,

and hark so you will know them.

Star shines bright with future light,

Sun fills all bold hearts with might.

A Nightwind, fly with warning,

At Dawn, with hope come singing.

But now a high wind, a true wind, a silver wind is blowing.

The Wingbrother/Sister PledgeEdit

While not technically a song, the Wingbrother/Sister pledge is still important in the series. When two gryfons are close friends, raised together, or any other reason, they will take this pledge.

Wind under me when the air is still,

Wind over me when I fly too high,

Brother/Sister by choice,

Brother/Sister by vow

By my wings, you will never fly alone

The Starward Light Song Edit

The shortest day is done

The Long Night has begun

But fear not, my love, the dark

The dark

The darkness can be bright.

Behold the starward light

Behold the longest, brightest night.

We rest as winter winds blow

We sing as the darkness grows

Fear not my love the cold

The cold

We will make the cold warm and bright

Behold the starward light...