• Son of Baldr, wingbrother of prince Kjorn and the only pure-blood Vanir kit who survived The Conquering. He is the nest-son of Caj and Sigrun and the nest-brother of Thyra. He is the Summer King, and the son of king Baldr and queen Ragna.
    • He is loyal to the Red King Sverin, and participates in The Hunt along with his wingbrother and other young males. After killing Lapu, he meets the wolf Catori.
    • He is trained by his uncle Stigr and learns that he is the son of Queen Ragna and the dead king Baldr; the true prince of the Silver Isles and also the Summer King.
    • After learning of his heritage, he challenges Sverin and dives into the sea, presumed to be dead by most of the pride (exceptions: Sigrun, Ragna).


  • Daughter-of-Hrafn, mate to Caj, mother of Thyra, nest-mother of Shard, and the healer of the pride.
    • She begged Per to spare Shard and claimed that the kit was hers rather than Baldr's, as Per would never have let Shard live knowing he was a prince.
    • Revealed to be the wingsister of Ragna.


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  • Daughter-of-Ragr, mate to Baldr and mother of Shard. She is known as the "Widowed Queen".

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