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Skyfire is the second book in the Summer King Chronicles quadrilogy.


Shard is a gryfon in exile from the pride of the Silver Isles. After learning of the injustices wrought by the Red King he once served loyally, Shard now seeks to fulfill the promise of the legendary Summer King, who is destined to bring peace and balance when he appears. 

Shard's quest will take him across the sea to the homeland of the gryfons who conquered the Silver Isles, into a web of new allies and new enemies, winged and wingless alike. There he will learn of the fierce enmity that drove the Red King and his pride from their homeland, and the deadly grudge stretching back two generations that, if left unfinished, could destroy them all.

Plot SummaryEdit

The Mountains and the Divided PrideEdit

Across the SeaEdit

The WinderostEdit

In the Dawn SpireEdit

Winter in the Silver IslesEdit

The HuntEdit

The EscapeEdit

The Horn of MidragurEdit



  1. The Highest Peak
  2. A Divided Pride
  3. Autumn Omens
  4. The Prince Hunts
  5. Autumn Song
  6. Einarr's Secret
  7. Halfnight
  8. Starfire
  9. Shard's Choice
  10. The King's Guard
  11. The Windward Sea
  12. Raven's Daughter
  13. Einarr's Choice
  14. A New Land
  15. Reunion
  16. Forbidden Songs, Forbidden Sea
  17. Strange Nestfellows
  18. Raven Dreams
  19. The Dawn Spire
  20. First Sentinel
  21. First Frost
  22. The Voldsom Narrows
  23. Blending In
  24. The King's Decree
  25. Nightmare
  26. Kajar's Legacy
  27. A Gryfon Mother's Lament
  28. A Painted Wolf Speaks
  29. The King of Star Island
  30. Winter Strikes the Sun Isle
  31. The Wild Hunt
  32. The Sons of Lapu
  33. Shard's Victory
  34. Kjorn's Mistake
  35. A Matter of Pride
  36. In the Long Night
  37. Brynja
  38. Wintermeet
  39. Shard's Offer
  40. In Stillness the Wind
  41. From Ice the Flame
  42. The Dark of Night
  43. The Red Dawn
  44. The War King's Mercy
  45. Nameless
  46. The Long Day Brings Rest
  47. The Horn of Midragur
  48. The Final Exile
  49. Lakelander
  50. The Tale of the Red Kings
  51. Daughter of the Rising Sun

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  • Skyfire has the most point-of-views so far at six: Rashard, Kjorn, Caj, Sigrun, Einarr and Sverin.




Skyfire Chapters

The Highest Peak · A Divided Pride · Autumn Omens · The Prince Hunts · Autumn Song · Einarr's Secret · Halfnight · Starfire · Shard's Choice · The King's Guard · The Windward Sea · Raven's Daughter · Einarr's Choice · A New Land · Reunion · Forbidden Songs, Forbidden Sea · Strange Nestfellows · Raven Dreams · The Dawn Spire · First Sentinel · First Frost · The Voldsom Narrows · Blending In · The King's Decree · Nightmare · Kajar's Legacy · A Gryfon Mother's Lament · A Painted Wolf Speaks · The King of Star Island · Winter Strikes the Sun Isle · The Wild Hunt · The Sons of Lapu · Shard's Victory · Kjorn's Mistake · A Matter of Pride · In the Long Night · Brynja · Wintermeet · Shard's Offer · In Stillness the Wind · From Ice the Flame · The Dark of Night · The Red Dawn · The War King's Mercy · Nameless · The Long Day Brings Rest · The Horn of Midragur · The Final Exile · Lakelander · The Tale of the Red Kings · Daughter of the Rising Sun

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