Sigrun is a healer of the Aesir and Vanir prides. She is the nest-mother of Rashard and biological mother of Thyra, Ragna's wingsister and Caj's mate.

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Sigrun is said to be a dove-brown Vanir with brown eyes. She is the daughter of Hrafn who was a powerful gryfon healer and is said to have ties to ravens; so Sigrun possesses those same ties.


Sigrun is a very devoted healer. She is soft-spoken and very timid, especially when it comes to Sverin. She respects her wingsister, but believes that Ragna's plans might turn on her in the end.


Sigrun is the mate to Caj and the nest-mother of Rashard. She is also the healer of the pride, and helps Ragna try to retake the Silver Isles.

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Before the Conquering, Sigrun was said to enjoy her days fishing and running off with Baldr, Stigr and Ragna. She was courted by Stigr and Vidar, but the former defeated the latter in a spar. When the Conquering came, Stigr was defeated by Caj, who courted Sigrun for a year before she became his mate. She carried her daughter Thyra under the watchful eye of Per, and begged the Red King to spar Shard's life, claiming the kit was hers.

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Song of the Summer King Edit

Sigrun is now a full healer, and appears after The Hunt. She puts Kjorn's wing back in place after he sprained it, which is her first appearances as a capable healer. She also appears after Shard returns from Star Isle and meeting Stigr, helping his wing. Shard asks her if he was like his father, and Sigrun replies by saying that they would be in trouble if he was. Shard later hears her speaking with a gryfess whose voice sounds familiar (Ragna) about rebellion: singing the Song of the Summer King.

After Shard nearly kills Sverin by pulling him into the water, Sigrun is there helping his wounds to keep him healed. She then talks to Stigr about how much she loved him, but he never told her before the Aesir invaded and he lost his fight and fled. She then returns to Sun Isle with her wingsister to keep an eye on the pride.


Along with Ragna, Sigrun is shown to be watching over the prides to keep it safe from things within. She is suspicious of Halvden and his intentions.

When both Caj and Kjorn are nowhere to be found, Sverin is ready to exile all of the Vanir and Half-bloods (excluding those in the King's Guard) thinking that they bewitched his son and wingbrother and sent them to their deaths. Thyra also reprimades him, stating that his fear and distrust did.

Sverin then chases the Vanir out of Sun Isle along with his guard. Sigrun then goes with Ahanu and the wolves, who let them stay in the underground tunnels.

She then meets up with Caj when the wolves reunite them.

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Sigrun is there with others when they lay out their dead on Black Rock. When Caj reveals that he will look for Sverin, she tries to stop him but fails.

She is there with Ragna, Kenna, her daughter and Astri when Halvden sits trial in front of them. After Astri flees, she goes after her.

She later appears when her mate returns after finding Sverin. She thinks about the returning Vanir, and reassures him that she will always choose him.

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Sigrun appears briefly in the book. When the wyrms attack, she is helping the whelping gryfesses and seems to be frustrated about how Kjorn led his warriors into battle.

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Even though Shard wasn't her biological son, Sigrun cares deeply for him and considers him one of her own. During the Conquering, she saved Shard's life by claiming that Shard was her son, as she knew that if Per was aware that Shard was the Vanir prince, he would have killed him immediately so that Baldr wouldn't have had any heirs.





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Deceased or unknown status
  • Cai
  • Bara
  • Hrafn



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Sigrun's Family Tree


Caj; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)


Ragna; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)


Thyra; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Kjorn; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)

Foster Son

Rashard; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)

Foster Daughter-in-Law

Brynja; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)


Hrafn; Deceased, cause of death unknown


Cai; Deceased, cause of death unknown


Bara; Deceased, drowned


Kvasir; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)

Foster Grandsons

Njord; Living, the Silver Isles

Tyrilar; Living, the Silver Isles

Foster Granddaughter

Embra; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)


  • She and Stigr might of been mates.
  • She is the daughter of Hrafn, and isn't trusted by Sverin because her father was a powerful healer.
  • Sigrun's name is Old Norse for "secret winner".
    • This name fits her, as she as Ragna secretly won the war by hiding Rashard.


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