Rashard, commonly known as Shard[7], is the main protagonist of the Summer King Chronicles arc. He is the current king of the Silver Isles pride and is also known as The Stormwing, The Summer King or Star King, Shard of Sun and The Star-sent.



Shard is a gray gryfon[8] with moss green eyes like his mother and his uncle. As a Vanir, he has sleeker and thinner wings than an Aesir. Compared to a full grown Aesir, he may come off as small or scrawny, but his thin build makes him rather fast and a better flier than any Aesir and even most Vanir.


Before Shard met Catori, he is a little too prideful and does his best to serve Sverin. He is shown not to like Halvden, as the green gryfon is a braggart (possibly meaning that he is much more humble and reserved). When he meets the aforementioned wolf, however, he becomes more humble. He dislikes it when his Vanir call him "sire" or "my lord", as he isn't used to being shown respect. He is also more peaceful, as he learns that he does not actually like war and glory. During The Salmon Run, he is insecure about his position as king, thinking that he might become a tyrant like Sverin was.


As the Summer King, Rashard is supposed to bring peace to the Aesir and Vanir after The Conquering. He is also the prince of the Vanir, which he does not discover until near the end of Song of the Summer King, and at the end of By the Silver Wind, he becomes the king of the Vanir. He is also a seer, and was the reason that Rhydda gave up on her hate and pursuit of the Red Kings.


Entire HistoryEdit

Rashard's History

Rashard was born to the king and queen of the Vanir: Baldr and Ragna. When the Aesir invaded and his father was killed, he was only a few weeks old. Sigrun, the healer of the Vanir pride, begged for Per to spare Shard's life and claimed Shard was her kit, as the Red King wouldn't have let Shard live if he knew he was Baldr's son. Shard was raised by Sigrun and Caj and had a nest-sister Thyra, but wasn't very close to his nest-father as he already knew the voice of his father. A year or so before Per died and and Sverin became king, Sverin's mate Elena died after Ragna tried to teach her how to fish, so Shard was put into Kjorn's nest, and the two eventually took the wingbrother pledge1. Eventually, Shard participated in the initiation hunt and became friends with the wolf Catori and his uncle Stigr, learning that the rule of the Red King was not as perfect and noble as he had believed. He learned of his heritage: that he was the true king of the Sun Isle and the Vanir.

After learning of his heritage, Shard flew to the Winderost in order to find the true reason that Per fled. He meets the albatross Windwalker and lands in the Winderost where he meets his future mate Brynja. He joins the Dawn Spire as a hunter before trying to court Brynja. He turns him down and so he accidentally leads the wyrms to the Dawn Spire. He leaves and goes to the Aslagard Mountains where he raises the young dragon Hikaru after learning the (false) tale of the Red Kings. Shard took Hikaru to the Sunland, where the dragons were untrustful of him. Shortly thereafter, he was kicked out, so he returned to the Outlands of the Winderost where he found his Vanir. He challenged the wyrms in the Outlands before being reunited with his wingbrother.

Shard then worked out a plan to take back the throne of the Dawn Spire for his wingbrother so that there would not be a reason to fight for the Silver Isles. During this time, Brynja agreed to be his mate, he discovered that his uncle Stigr would have to stay in the Winderost, he gathered his lost Vanir and learned more about his dreams and visions from the prophets of the Vanhar. However, he accidentally led Rhydda back to the Silver Isles, where she began to wreck havoc with her brood. After returning to the Silver Isles and after Rhydda killed Sverin, Rashard convinced the wyrms to leave their hatred behind and live in peace. This worked, and he became the king of the Vanir, with Brynja becoming queen on the Daynight.

A year after the war, Rashard had a daughter named Embra.

In The Summer King Chronicles ArcEdit

Song of the Summer KingEdit

Rashard is now ten years old, and is preparing to take place in The Hunt in order to prove to Sverin that unlike the Vanir, he is trustworthy. During the hunt, he meets the wolf princess Catori (who will later become a friend of his). He is untrustworthy of her, wanting to goad her so he can have her pelt, but she tells him how to defeat the boar Lapu.

After the hunt, he is accepted into the pride, but is curious about the earthwords he spoke to Lapu. Because of this, he returns to the Star Isle in order to find Catori and ask her, but instead meets her brothers Ahote and Ahanu. Angry at Shard for what the gryfons did, they run him off a cliff where he nearly drowns. He is rescued by his (unknown at the time) uncle Stigr, who guides him back towards Sun Isle. He tells Shard that if he wishes to learn Vanir skills to better serve his king, to return to Black Rock under the full moon. Shard then goes to Sverin in order to tell him about this experience, and the Red King appoints him as the leader of Windwater, a proposed gryfon colony so that the gryfons can rule all the isles, and not just the Sun Isle. Unbeknownst to Shard, however, Windwater is a disguised exile for the gryfons the king doesn't like.

During the first day of leadership, Shard almost immediately gets into a fight with Hallr. Deciding that he needs to learn skills in order to prove himself, Shard goes to Black Rock, where Stigr teaches him. Later, Shard defeats Halvden in a mock spar, and seems to earn the respect of Kenna. The violet gryfess flirts with him, hoping that she could be the mate of the future king's wingbrother, but Shard turns her down. He goes to Stigr again and tells him that he can't come anymore because Kenna knows about his flying at night. Stigr seems betrayed, and leaves Shard. During the Daynight, Ragna sings the Song of the Summer King after Hallr is killed and Sverin declares war on the wolves, hoping to call out Rashard, but Sverin names his son as the Summer King instead hoping to quell unrest, but the Vanir know this isn't true, along with Kjorn himself.

Shard goes to warn the wolves, and Stigr unintentionally reveals to Shard that he is the Vanir prince and the true Summer King. After returning to Sun Isle, he is attacked by Kjorn who thinks he is a traitor. Shard tells Kjorn about his forbidden Vanir activities, and Kjorn tells Shard that Maja, Halvden's mother, left the pride after leaving a fish outside Sverin's den.

The wolves, thinking that Shard is leading them into a trap, attack the Sun Isle where Sverin kills Helaku. Shard, wanting to end the war, challenges Sverin. He drags the Aesir out into the sea, and dives in letting the pride think that he's dead. During his time in the sea, he meets his father who tells him to follow his vision of a white mountain in a distant land. He flies out of the sea, and later meets with Catori, Maja and the exile Dagr who tell him that they will find the lost Vanir for him. The book ends with Shard and Stigr flying to Star Isle.


At the beginning of the book, Rashard travels to the White Mountains in order to pursue his visions further. There, he meets the same snowy owl that helped him find the wolves in the first book, and she leads him to Aodh. Aodh sings a song to him, but they are interrupted as Einarr tries to attack and kill the great beast, who spares Einarr at Shard's pleading. Einarr tells Shard that the pride was starving, and thinks about telling Sverin that he [Rashard] lives. Shard tells Einarr that his father and brother live, hoping that this will stop the gryfon from telling Sverin. After returning to Star Isle, he feasts with the wolves and tells his uncle, Catori and Ahanu about his experience on the mountain. The skyfire then flies over them, and Shard knows that this is a sign for him to fly over the sea. During his experience, he meets an albatross who he names Windwalker, and manages to fall Nameless. He arrives in the Winderost and saves a young huntress named Lisbet from a painted dog. He also meets two ruddy gryfesses named Brynja and Valdis, who take him to a cave where his uncle is waiting for them.

The next day, the huntresses take them to the Dawn Spire, where they meet the current king, Orn and Esla, Elena's sister and thus Kjorn's aunt. He challenges Asvander after he insults Shard and his uncle. Shard loses to Asvander, who tries to break his wing, but Stigr defeats the young Lakelander without a problem.

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A Shard of SunEdit

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By the Silver WindEdit

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In the Rise of the Dragon Star ArcEdit

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In the Short StoriesEdit

The Starward LightEdit

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Beneath the Windward SunEdit

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The Salmon RunEdit

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Kjorn is Rashard's wingbrother. The two share a close bond, as they were raised together as brothers. Shard and Kjorn are very close friends during the first book as revealed when Kjorn would lie to his father and king to protect Shard and would fly across a sea to find his lost wingbrother. They have a falling out after Shard's forbidden Vanir activities and Kjorn refuses to listen to and trust his wingbrother. After Shard betrays him, Kjorn has mixed feelings, but is still willing to find him. They rekindle their bonds, and eventually work together to restore peace to the Winderost and Silver Isles.


During the first book, Rashard looks up to Sverin and desperately tries to prove his loyalty to him. He constantly fears that the slightest mistake will cause him to be exiled from the pride, even though he is Kjorn's wingbrother. After discovering the truth about the Conquering, Rashard still respects Sverin, but is angry at the way he oppressed the Vanir. After Shard returns to the Silver Isles, he agrees to spare Sverin's life after witnessing the former king's redemption. He does not wish to paint Sverin as a tyrant in his stories to Embra, thinking that she is too young for them.


As his nest-father, Rashard often feared him and believed him to be one of the strongest gryfons he knew. Rashard always believed, however, that Caj would distance himself from him because Shard wasn't Caj's true son. However, Shard (having already known his real father's voice) was the one who pushed Caj away instead. Shard, however, looks up to Caj who is his nest-father and mentor and thinks of him as a father-figure (second to only Stigr). During his time as a king, it is implied that Shard takes the advice of Caj very often.



At first, Rashard is wary of Stigr after he meets him, but eventually learns that he can learn great Vanir gifts from him in order to serve his king. He uses Stigr in order to gain these powers, and is dismayed when he learns that he cannot go back to learn from him anymore after Kenna finds out about his nightly excursions. He also feels angry at himself for using Stigr, as Stigr knew what Shard was doing, but still taught him. After his uncle tells him of his true heritage, Rashard grows closer to Stigr, and the black gryfon plays as somewhat of a father-figure towards Shard. Shard is distraught over the fact that his uncle will have to stay in the Winderost, instead of coming back home to help advise him.


The relationship between Thyra and Shard is a very close, bother-sister relationship. They were good friends, and Shard was sad knowing that his nest-sister would leave for the Winderost and he would most likely never see her again.



During Skyfire, Rashard is very much in love with Brynja, much to the chagrin of Stigr. He eventually gains help from Brynja's wingsister Dagny in an attempt to court her. Brynja, however, was betrothed to Asvander and was unable to mate with him. Despite this, Brynja still liked Shard. During A Shard of Sun, Brynja helps Kjorn to find Shard, hoping that she could tell him how she truly feels, and the two of them meet again. Brynja tells Share that she will become his queen.


When Rashard first meets Catori, he attempts to goad her into attacking him so he could bring her pelt back to the king and Kjorn. However, she instead tells him how to defeat Lapu. Over the course of the first book, Rashard is torn between becoming friends with her, and staying loyal to his king, but eventually becomes very good friends with her. He shares all of his prophetic dreams with her, as the two of them are both seers. Catori often counsels him about his dreams, as shown in Skyfire when she advises him about his experience in the White Mountains.


Rashard's relationship with Ahote is mainly hostile. Even when Shard is revealed to be the Vanir prince, Ahote still does not trust Shard's intentions. At the end, when he dies, Ahote seems to forgive Shard.


Like his older brother, Ahanu's first impression of Shard is a gryfon thief that must be killed. He attacks Shard twice (when Shard tries to find Catori and later when Helaku orders him), but after both his father and brother die, their relationship becomes friendly; Ahanu is Shard's earthbrother, while Shard is Ahanu's windbrother.


Hikaru Edit


Family TreeEdit


Unknown Generations
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Deceased or unknown status
  • Jaarl
  • Freja
  • Asbjorn
  • Unnr
  • Ragr
  • Baldr



List of all Family MembersEdit

Rashard's Family Tree


Brynja[9]; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)


Kjorn[10]; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)

Hikaru[11]; Living, the Sunland (as of By the Silver Wind)


Njord; Living, the Silver Isles

Tyrilar; Living, the Silver Isles


Embra; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)

Adoptive Son

Hikaru[12]; Living, the Sunland (as of By the Silver Wind)


Baldr[13]; Deceased, killed by Per the Red


Ragna[13]; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)

Foster Father

Caj[14]; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)

Foster Mother

Sigrun[15]; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Starward Light)

Foster Sister

Thyra[14]; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Mar; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Byrja; Living, the Winderost (as of By the Silver Wind)


Stigr[16]; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Asbjorn; Deceased, died of old age[1]

Ragr; Deceased, killed in The Conquering


Unnr; Deceased, cause of death unknown


Freja; Deceased, drowned

Jaarl; Deceased, died of old age


  • Rashard is the only full-blooded Vanir kit who stayed in the Silver Isles after The Conquering.[17]
  • The name Rashard means "Brave Ruler". It is also Old Norse for 'son of a dead king'.
    • Both of these fit him, as Rashard had to be brave to save his pride, and his father, Baldr, is dead.
  • He is noted to look almost exactly like his father.[18]
  • He is the first character to have a nickname (Shard). Other characters with a nickname are Rowan and possibly Mist.
  • He once defeated Asvander in a spar.
  • He is tied with Stigr and Sverin for having the most wingbrothers at two (Kjorn and Hikaru).


Song of the Summer King QuotesEdit

Rashard: I want to, I just can't.

Stigr: No you don't.

Stigr: Oh, I knew. I knew exactly why you came to me. So you could be a stronger, conquered minion of the Red King. But I had hope. I thought if you learned something, if you learned of the Vanir-

Rashard: And I'm glad to know!

Rashard arguing with Stigr over whether or not Rashard is learning the skills for the Vanir or the Red King. Song of the Summer King, Stigr's Last Lesson-Page 143

Rashard: Who was the Nightwing?

Stigr: Another name the Vanir among Sverin's pride are not allowed to speak. He was your father.

Rashard: Obviously. But who?

Stigr: Who? His name was Baldr. The Nightwing, mate to my sister-

Rashard: Sigrun.

Stigr: Sigrun? No Shard. My sister is Ragna. Mate to Baldr, called the Nightwing. Dead king of the Sun Isle. Ragna is my sister, the white widowed queen. And you are their son. Prince of the Vanir.

Rashard finding out about his legacy. Song of the Summer King, The Wolf King-Page 195-196

Skyfire QuotesEdit

A Shard of Sun QuotesEdit

Hikaru: Why do I have different... different...

Rashard: Feathers?

Hikaru: Yes. Why do I have different feathers than you? And no feathers on my tail, as you do?

Rashard: Because you're a dragon, and I'm a gryfon.

Shard telling Hikaru of dragons. A Shard of Sun, The Cave-Pages 2-3

Groa: Kajar began asking more questions. For we kept exploring and found no tunnels or the mines of which the dragons spoke. He demanded to know where the riches came from, why the dragons were so powerful, why they led such brief lives. Why wouldn't they teach us how to make fire? Oh, they didn't like the questions. They thought he was being greedy.

Rashard: He was curious. I would have been too, after that.

Groa: Yes. Anyone would have. Certainly a prince like Kajar. I don't know what they say of him in the Winderost now, Shard, but I wish you could have known him like I did.

Groa telling Rashard about Kajar's curiosity of the dragons. A Shard of Sun, A New Tale-Page 157

Frar: What is this? Tyr's flame...

Rashard: A beacon.

Frar: So I have finally succumbed. Are you here to greet me, my king, who I watched fall into the sea, slain by Per the Red? Have I reached the Sunlit Land, at last?

Rashard: You're alive and well, and we're still in the Outlands of the Winderost. I'm not Baldr, but his son, Rashard. Tell me your name?

Frar: Frar, son-of-Eyvar.

Rashard meeting Frar for the first time. A Shard of Sun, Shard's Beacon-Pages 335-336

By the Silver Wind QuotesEdit

The Starward Light QuotesEdit

The Salmon Run QuotesEdit






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^ While the two are wingbrothers, they could technically be called nest-brothers as well, as they were raised in the same nest together.

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