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Natsumi is an autumnborn dragoness and the mate of Hikaru.


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Natsumi is described as leanly muscled, with winter scales the color of an apple blossom[1]. Her summer scales are pearly bronze[2]. She has silver eyes[3].

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In The Summer King Chronicles ArcEdit

A Shard of SunEdit

Natsumi is one of the dragons who carries off Hikaru after they find him in the sea. She also helps Rashard and Hikaru learn the truth about what happened to gryfons by helping him find the chronicler, Ume.

By the Silver WindEdit

Natsumi appears at the end of the book after the war with the wyrms. She brings her dragon kit, Terasu, to the Silver Isles and helps the gryfesses preen for their mating flights.

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List of all Family MembersEdit

Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Hikaru (mate)

Terasu (daughter)




References Edit

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