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Ketil is a pure Vanir, the mother of Keta and nest-mother to Ilse.



Ketil has been described to be a gray or rosy pink gryfess.


Ketil has a tendancy to be very ornery and judgmental. As shown when she often argues with Brynja, although she does respect the Aesir huntress. She loves her two daughters and wingsister, and adores her pride.


Ketil is the mother of Keta and the nest-mother of Ilse.


In The Summer King Chronicles ArcEdit

A Shard of SunEdit

Ketil, after Frar, is the second gryfon to flock to Rashard's beacon. She introduces herself and her two daughters.

By the Silver WindEdit

Ketil appears at the beginning of the book. She disapproves of Rashard's decision to mate with Brynja, but at the end she ultimately accepts her as queen.

In the Short StoriesEdit

The Starward LightEdit

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The Salmon RunEdit

Ketil appears briefly after Embra goes missing, flying in a wedge with Bryna and Caj.

Relationships Edit

Keta & IlseEdit

Ketil loves her two daughters, even though one of them in an Aesir.



While Keta does not hate Brynja, she is shown to be wary and stubborn with her.

Family Tree Edit



List of all Family MembersEdit

Ketil's Family Tree


Maja; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Starward Light)


Keta; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)

Adoptive Daughter

Ilse; Living, the Silver Isles (as of By the Silver Wind)


Var; Status Unknown

Trivia Edit

  • Ketil could possibly come from "Kjellfrid", which means "beautiful kettle".
  • She wanted Rashard to mate with her daughter Keta.
    • This is considered a bit hypocritical, as she doesn't want Brynja (an Aesir) to be queen, yet her (nest)daughter is an Aesir.
    • However, she accepted Brynja as her queen, and thus no longer wants Keta to mate with him.

Quotes Edit

A Shard of Sun QuotesEdit

Ketil: Does this mean the conquerors are overthrown?

Rashard: The conquerors... the tyranny of the Red Kings has ended. But their prince, Kjorn, is my wingbrother, and I hope we will have peace with them from now on.

Rashard and Ketil. A Shard of Sun-The Lost Vanir-Page 343

By the Silver Wind QuotesEdit


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