Istra is a female gryfess who returned to the Silver Isles after fleeing from Per. Her brother is Istren.

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Istra is a pale gryfess like her brother.


She, like many other Vanir who returned from being exiled, are angry at the Red Kings and Aesir. However, she is very glad to be back home.


Istren's sister. She delivers news to Rashard and Kjorn about the two queens.

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Istra's History

Istra and her brother were between the ages of at least five and seven when the Aesir came to the Silver Isles. Their parents were both killed in the Conquering, so they hid in the White Mountains. Fearing that they would be discovered, they fled from the Silver Isles but returned home ten years later when Dagr went to find the lost Vanir. She faced Sverin during his penace, but told him that she would only find happiness with her pride if he suffered as she and her brother did. She fought in The Battle of Pebble's Throw and had to watch her brother die.

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Istra first appears during Sverin's penance. When Sverin asks for forgiveness and hopes they find happiness, she replies by saying that they will only if he suffers the way they did.

She later appears when Rashard returns to the isles. She flies out to meet him and tells him of the grim news: the wyrms came and had attacked, killing many gryfons. The rest of the pride that survived, however, took shelter in the caves under the isles. She helps to lead Kjorn to Thyra.

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Istra's Family Tree


Istren; Deceased, killed during The Battle of Pebble's Throw


Norin; Deceased, killed during The Conquering


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Sverin: Nothing can repair that. I hope you'll find happiness now, with your pride.

Istra: We'll find happiness, if you suffer as we have.

Sverin: Perhaps I will, yet.

Istra and Sverin during his penace. By the Silver Wind, Sverin's Penace-Page unknown

Rashard: Hail! I am Rashard, son-of-Baldr.

Istra: My lord!

Istra: I am Istra, daughter-of-Norin. Welcome home! Welcome home, my prince.

Rashard: Well met. What news?

Istra: The queen posted sentries to watch for your return. I'm afraid you return home to grim tidings. But this will make her glad.

Istra and Rashard when he and the Vanir return. By the Silver Wind, A Quiet Welcome-Page unknown


  • In Greek, Istra means Psyche.






^ When Istra fled from the Silver Isles, she was obviously able to fly away. Since gryfons start flying between the ages of three and five, she had to have been at least five-seven years old.

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