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Helaku was the father of Catori, Ahanu, Ahote along with an unknown son and is the deceased king of the Star Isle wolf pack.



Helaku was a pale, russet-grey wolf with amber eyes. It is highly suspected that before, he was a lighter red color like his children.


He was much more adventurous when he was younger. However, he went mad over time and became no better than Sverin.


SPOILER This section contains SPOILERS! Please beware if you haven't read the book(s)!

Song of the Summer KingEdit

Rashard tries to negotiate with Helaku in order to prevent the war with gryfons, but fails when Helaku refuses his help and ends up attacking the Nesting Cliffs. He is later killed by Sverin.

His daughter, Catori, states that even thought he was no better than Sverin, he will be mourned as his poor leadership was only a result of driving himself mad as he was once a great leader. His son, Ahanu, later took his place.


Helaku does not appear in Skyfire, but is mentioned after Caj is rescued by the wolves.

A Shard of SunEdit

Helaku does not appear in A Shard of Sun, but is mentioned.

By the Silver WindEdit

Helaku does not appear in By the Silver Wind, but is mentioned.


Family TreeEdit

List of all Family MembersEdit

Helaku's Family Tree


Kallika; Living, the Silver Isles


Ahote; Deceased, killed by Halvden

Ahanu; Living, the Silver Isles (as of By the Silver Wind)

Unnamed Son; Status Unknown


Catori; Living, the Silver Isles (as of By the Silver Wind)


Unnamed Daughter-in-Law; Status Unknown


Two Unnamed Grandchildren; Living, the Silver Isles (as of By the Silver Wind)