Hallr was a dragon-blooded Aesir. He was also Maja's mate and the father of Halvden.



Hallr was a yellow-green gryfon with yellow eyes.


While both Hallr and his son are arrogant, these traits were much more exaggerate in Hallr as he was incapable of the redemption his son possessed.


During his stay on Windwater, Hallr is the main enemy of Rashard. He constantly belittles and mocks Shard's leadership, and at one point tried to kill Shard.


Entire HistoryEdit

Hallr's History

Hallr was born to a gryfon named Havard, and it is unknown what his mother's name was. It is unknown where Hallr was born, be it the Dawn Spire or the Dawn Reach, but he fled the Winderost with the rest of the dragon-blessed Aesir and landed in the Silver Isles. He killed Maja's old mate and her kits before forcing her to mate with him. He was given a son whom he named Halvden. During the events of the series, Hallr was rude towards Shard and Caj, who often tried to stop these events.

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In The Summer King Chronicles ArcEdit

Song of the Summer KingEdit

Hallr is one of the gryfons that Sverin sent to Windwater. This could possibly mean that Sverin didn't like Hallr, as Windwater was a disguised exile. On the first day, Hallr tried to organize patrols and such, but Shard stopped him, telling him that they needed to learn the secrets of Star Isle instead. He is also the reason that Shard started meeting with Stigr, as if Hallr didn't continuously challenge Shard, the Vanir would never have learned of his true heritage. Hallr strongly believed that Halvden should lead the settlement, and was the one who revealed to Shard that Caj didn't kill Shard's father. Hallr was killed by Helaku when the green gryfon tried to hunt the wolves who watched the Daynight flights. Hallr's death gave Sverin the opportunity to openly declare war on the wolves.

Halvden was heavily affected by his father's death, and many of his later choices would be driven by revenge.


Hallr is mentioned by Sverin, when he tells Kjorn that Halvden had the shame of his mother and the death of his father to overcome. Hallr is also mentioned by Shard when he thinks about how he and Orn have the same build and similar feather coloring. It is revealed that Hallr is from the clan of Ingmar.

A Shard of SunEdit

It is revealed that Hallr once told his son that to leave their heart open is to die, as the heart is the weakest part of a warrior.

By the Silver WindEdit

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Relationships Edit


While Halvden looks up to his father and cares deeply for him, Hallr doesn't seem to return the favor as he not seen showing any affliction towards the latter and argues with him on why he lost to Shard even though it wasn't Havlden's fault that he lost the spar to the latter. When Hallr is killed by Helaku, Halvden is devastated and swears vengeance on the wolves for what they did to Hallr.


Despite being his mate, they never got along. They didn't like or loved each other which implies that Hallr only mated with Maja for personal reasons rather out of affiliation. When Hallr died Maja didn't miss him one bit and was rather relived that she was no longer mates with an obnoxious gryfon epscially one who killed her ex-mate along with their original kits[1].


Despite Sverin appointing Shard as the leader of Windwater settlement, Hallr refused to respect Shard as his leader or even as an individual. Hallr believes that his son should be the leader of the colony and constanly tries to usurp and undermine Shard with little success.



Sverin apparently disliked Hallr as he sent him to live in Windwater which is secretly an exile for males the Red King disliked.

Family Tree Edit


Unnamed kits

List of all Family MembersEdit

Hallr's Family Tree


Maja; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Starward Light)


Halvden; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Kenna; Living, the Winderost (as of By the Silver Wind)


Halla; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Havard; Deceased, cause of death unknown


Traj; Status Unknown

Distant Cousins

Orn[2]; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)

Oslar; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Ingmar[2]; Status Unknown

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Hallr" is Old Norse for "rock".
    • This could possibly be a metaphor, as Hallr is a "rock" that Rashard must overcome.

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