Frar was an old, pure-blooded Vanir who fled from the Silver Isles after the Aesir conquered them.


Description Edit

Frar was a pale brown and gray Vanir, with his feathers getting even more gray as he aged.


When dealing with Rashard and the other Vanir, Frar seems to be relieved and cannot believe that he is finally going home. However, he was very ornery and stubborn when it came to Kjorn and his group, still wary around them.


During their time in the Winderost, Frar taught the young Vanir the skills they would need to swim across the sea for the long flight home.

History Edit

In The Summer King Chronicles ArcEdit

A Shard of Sun Edit

Frar was the first gryfon who comes to Shard's beacon. When he sees Shard, he mistakenly thinks that he is Baldr, and thinks that he is dead. Shard replies to him that he is Baldr's son and has come to take the Vanir home.

Later, when Shard goes to find Toskil and his mother, he begs him not to go. He then meets Brynja and Kjorn while Shard is away, but is suspicious of them.

By the Silver WindEdit

At first, Frar is, once again, suspicious of Kjorn and his intentions, spreading rumors that Kjorn is leading the Vanir into battle for glory and not to help the Vanir return to their home. After a long chat with Stigr, he realizes his error. He then goes with Stigr to find the Painted Wolves and meet Shard's band.

He then returns to the Silver Isles, but the journey seems to unravel him. He fights in the battle with the wyrms.

In the Short StoriesEdit

The Starward LightEdit

Brynja first goes to ask Frar about speaking of the dead that past for the traditions of the Long Night, but she faints after not getting enough hydration. Later, he is helped by Eyvin for the Long Night tradition, and after the Wings of Tor fly, he passes away.


  • He was the first Vanir to respond to Shard's beacon.







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