Catori is a female wolf who lives in the Silver Isles. She is a friend of Rashard and Stigr.



Catori is described to have fur the same color as red heather that shifts from iridescent gold to gray[1] with amber eyes. She has long black feathers tied in her fur[2].


She is described as infuriating and enigmatic by Rashard, but also wise because she listens. She likes to become friends with any creature, and doesn't care for the difference in species.


Catori is Rashard's first wolf friend. She opens his heart about the rest of the world and taught him that Sverin's rule wasn't as great and perfect as he'd believed.

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Song of the Summer King Edit

Shard meets Catori while hunting the boar Lapu. He is ambushed by her and other wolves, but instead of attacking, she tells him how to kill the boar. She appears later on Black Rock and is distraught that her brothers Ahote and Ahanu attack Shard, but tells him that they want revenge.

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Catori is the first to greet Shard after he returns back from the mountains. She celebrates the Halfnight with him, Stigr and Ahanu. She then explains what the skyfire is and advises Shard to fly across the sea to find out why the Aesir fled. Later, she appears after Kjorn tries to hunt her brother down. She guides him to a spirit pool and shows him the madness of his father, Halvden's lies, the true lives of wolves, and that his wingbrother lives.

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  • She is a possible love-interest for Tocho.







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