Pride of the Lake is the third chapter in By the Silver Wind.


Kjorn POV

The chapter starts with Kjorn describing the shores of the salt-lake, where the Lakelanders reside. Kjorn stood in a ring of gryfons around a fire as they argued about if they would join him. He explains his plan to the Lakelanders, saying they will go visit all gryfon clans, the painted dogs, lions, eagles and gain the alliance and rid the Winderost of the fear-mongering wyrms. A Lakelander, Lofgar, challenges Kjorn, asking why they should bow to an exile. Asvander asks Lofgar if he was afraid, and Lofgar replies he's not.

Asvander tells everyone that since the line of Kajar has returned, they must return to the Dawn Spire. Lofgar tells Asrik, Avsander's father, to quiet his kit. Lofgar tells everyone that Asvander would allow anyone to the Dawn Spire.

Asvander challenges the Lake-dwellers, asking them that they left the Dawn Spire to show they follow Kajar's line only. He tells them that now that Kjorn has come back, the true king of the Winderost has returned. Lofgar says he won't follow an untested exile, when Rashard comes to the ring and says he's not untested.

A scarred female asks how much longer the Vanir will enjoy their hospitality, and Shard says it won't be more than a moon. He says once they have recovered, they will go to fight with Kjorn and rid the wyrms forever.

When Asvander says that the foreign prince had came to right a wrong, but Lofgar interrupts, saying he stays to court. Kjorn thinks about how Rashard had "taken" Brynja from Asvander.

Trying to get back to the point, Kjorn says that Rashard stays. He asks if they will help him reunite the Dawn Spire under his name. Stigr challenges them, asking if they fight for reward. He then says that the Dawn Spire is his affair, saying that he will bow to Kjorn even if the others won't.

Asrik tells Kjorn that the Lakelanders will help them in the battle. They then say that if he is still alive, they will discuss their relations with the Dawn Spire. they then go to eat.




  • Black-headed female
  • Stigr


Important EventsEdit

  • Kjorn speaks with the Lakelanders and asks them to join the fight with the wyrms. The Lakelanders agree to join the fight, and will think about whether they will bow to him or not.
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