The Prelude of By the Silver Wind is the first chapter.


Rhydda POV

This is the prologue to the book. It starts with Rashard dreaming with Rhydda, Queen of the Fear-Mongering wyrms. Rhydda had apparently been as beautiful as the mountains, but over time her beauty wore down. Rhydda remembered about being attacked by the "unworthy" who called the wyrms the "blasphemous progeny of Tyr and Tor". She remembered her burns and scars from trying to flee with her mates, sons and daughters. Shard asked Rhydda all types of questions like if she lived in the Sunland or of she flew under the sun. Rhydda remembers feeling pain that came from the sun and remembering that she didn't deserve to fly under it. Shard then asks about where her home was and he shows her "six islands in an icy, cold sea with mountains and woods".

At the end, Shard tells her that she used to fly under the sun but she still thinks it's a dream. Afterwards, she realizes that it wasn't a dream, instead it was a memory, and wakes up.





Important EventsEdit

  • Rhydda dreams with Rashard, and remembers flying under the sun.
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