Brynja is Rashard's mate and the current queen of the Silver Isles. She is a distant relative of Per, and was once in a high tier in the Winderost.



Brynja is decribed to have ruddy feathers the color of a red hawk and pale gold eyes[2] from the line of En. She also has a hint of stripes along her feathers and freckles, making her pleasing to the eye.


Brynja is prideful, but not like her Dragon-Blooded Aesir cousins. She is kind towards those she cares about, but sometimes stays neutral (as shown when she was being neutral towards Shard).


At first, Brynja was Rashard's love-interest. They both liked each other, but she was betrothed to Asvander. She later helps Kjorn during his search for his wingbrother. She then becomes the queen of the Sun Isle.


Entire HistoryEdit

Brynja's History

Not much is known about Brynja's history before she meets Rashard. Possibly a few years before the start of the first series, she was betrothed to Asvander as she was descended from the line of En and he was descended from the line of Oster, who were old allies. She and a group of her huntresses meet Stigr before Shard arrives in the Winderost. They "imprison" him in one of their caves and keep them there as they listen to their stories. Later, they take them to the Dawn Spire, and after Stigr defeats Asvander, Brynja allows them to hunt with them to Asvander's chagrin. During his stay at the Dawn Spire, Rashard begins to fall in love with Brynja, and Brynja likes him too. During the Long Night, Shard asks Brynja to be his mate, but she declines as she is betrothed to Asvander. Later, after Shard accidentally brings the wyrms to the Dawn spire, Brynja tells him to flee, with her flying away with some huntresses herself. Sometime later, she meets Kjorn after attacking him with the eagles. She forms a sort of alliance with him to find Shard, but sometimes butts heads with Nilsine, Kjorn's stubborn guide. At the end of A Shard of Sun, she forms a plan to defeat the wyrms with fire and fights in the Battle of Torches. Shard tells Brynja that he still loves her, and Brynja agrees to become his mate.

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In The Summer King Chronicles ArcEdit


Although not mentioned, when Shard and Catori speak about the song Aodh sung to him, Shard thinks about what it would be like to have a queen. He also thinks about having a queen during his flight over the sea.

Brynja is first introduced after Shard arriives in the Winderost after he saves the huntress Lisbet from a painted wolf. When Valdis calls Shard a witless outlander, Brynja defends him. Shard then introduces him as prince of the Vanir, and they take him to his uncle.

Throughout Shard and Stigr's stay in the Dawn Spire, Brynja is a recurring character who helps them. Shard likes the Aesir huntress a lot, much to the chagrin of his uncle. However, Brynja also likes Shard, but often tries to stay neutral towards him as she is betrothed.

Shard tries to court Brynja, but she declines as she is betrothed to Asvander so that the Dawn Spire could try to pull the divided clans of the Ostral Shores back in order to reclaim the glory that they once had.

A Shard of Sun Edit

When the eagles attack Kjorn and Nilsine, she is one of the first to attack Kjorn, telling him that the Voldsom Narrows are no longer Dawn Spire hunting grounds. After realizing that Kjorn is from the Silver Isles, she pulls off from attacking and tells Hildr to do the same.

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By the Silver Wind Edit

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In the Short Stories Edit

The Starward Light Edit

Brynja appears in the beginning of Starwind Light where she mentioned to be pregnant with Shard's heir. She speaks to Ragna and Sigrun about the Long Night, where she is discussing how to make a Long Night celebration that will benefit the Aesir and Vanir.

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The Salmon RunEdit

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Brynja seems to have feelings for Rashard. She likes him more than she should, because she was promised to Asvander. When she told Shard this, he was angry and hurt and decided to go face the wyrms. She helps Kjorn find Shard during A Shard of Sun, and at the end of the book openly declares her love for him. During By the Silver Wind, Brynja attempts to prove to the Vanir that she is worthy of being their queen.






Family TreeEdit


Unknown Generations
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Deceased or unknown status
  • Jaarl
  • Freja
  • Asbjorn
  • Unnr
  • Ragr
  • Baldr

List of all Family MembersEdit

Brynja's Family Tree


Rashard; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)


Dagny[3]; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Starward Light)


Njord; Living, the Silver Isles

Tyrilar; Living, the Silver Isles


Embra; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)


Mar[4]; Living, the Winderost (as of By the Silver Wind)


Byrja[5]; Living, the Winderost (as of By the Silver Wind)

Foster Sister-in-Law

Thyra; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Baldr; Deceased, killed by Per the Red


Ragna; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)

Foster Father-in-Law

Caj; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)

Foster Mother-in-Law

Sigrun; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Starward Light)


Stigr; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Valdis; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Asbjorn; Deceased, died of old age[6]

Ragr; Deceased, killed in The Conquering


Unnr; Deceased, cause of death unknown

Distant Cousins

Per[7]; Deceased, cause of death unknown

Sverin[7]; Deceased, killed by Rhydda

Kjorn[7]; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)

Kvasir[7]; Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


En; Status Unknown


Skyfire QuotesEdit

A Shard of Sun QuotesEdit

By the Silver Wind QuotesEdit


  • Brynja's name is Old Norse for 'armor'.
    • This fits her, as she and Rashard love each other, but there is a barrier (armor) between them (in the form of her betrothal to Asvander). It could also be that she is a fierce warrior.
  • As of the The Starward Light, she is pregnant with Shard's kit.
    • Shard's kit appears in The Salmon Run where it's revealed that the kit is a female named Embra.
  • She was once betrothed to Asvander, but Rashard defeated him in a duel for his claim over Brynja.






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