Astri is a young female half-blood and the mate of Einarr.

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Astri is described as a snow white gryfess with fierce eyes. Her voice is described as, like her mate, the voice of a singer. 


She is weak and timid and is especially so after her mate is killed. When her kit is born, she seems to be a little stronger and filled with hope. After Sverin is killed and most Aesir return to the Winderost, she seems cold and untrusting, even going as far as to say, straight to Shard's face, that they were safer under a tyrant king.


The mother of Eyvindr.

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In The Summer King Chronicles ArcEdit

Song of the Summer KingEdit

Astri is mentioned briefly after the Daynight flights, when Shard sees that she is newly mated to Einarr.


After Einarr returns from hunting near the sea, she is there along with her future wingsister Kenna, Ragna, Sigrun and other pregnant females. She helps her mate sing the Gryfon Mother's Lament for the other pregnant females.

Later, when Sverin was about to exile Thyra and other Vanir, her mate speaks out against him and is killed by Sverin. Astri wails in sadness, but follows Sigrun and Ragna to hide with the wolves.

A Shard of SunEdit

Astri appears at the beginning of the book when the Aesir and Vanir are on Black Rock singing the Song of Last Light. She is with her mother Asfrid and mother-in-law Eyvin as Ragna sings the song.

She later appears when Caj returns with Halvden. When Thyra declares that Halvden will be spared, she lashes out against her and tries to get him killed again, calling him wicked and evil. Her wingsister Kenna asks what she would do if it were Einarr, and Astri says they aren't wingsisters anymore and says she is choosing Einarr. She then flees and Sigrun follows.

By the Silver WindEdit

Astri appears briefly with her mother when her father, Ollar, is exiled for insulting Thyra and Ragna. Eyvin tells Ollar to say goodbye to them, but he refuses and flies away.

After the deadly battle with the wyrms, Astri brings out her kit, Eyvindr. She shows him to Rashard and tells him that he will be the finest gryfon in the pride.

In the Short StoriesEdit

The Starward LightEdit

When Brynja asks around to see who has the best singing voice, it is mentioned that it is Astri. She first appears with Eyvindr, and agrees to help Brynja sing.

The Salmon RunEdit

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After Sverin kills her mate, Astri is distraught over his death. This clearly shows that she loved him.


Although Kenna's and Astri's interactions aren't shown all that much, it is revealed during Skyfire that they would make good wingsisters. Between Skyfire and A Shard of Sun, they become wingsisters; Astri's timid nature helps to contrast with Kenna's fiery one and vice versa. However, after Halvden's return, Astri severes their wingsister bond.


Astri does not want anything to happen to her son, as she doesn't want to lose him like she lost her mate. She always keeps him close.


Family Tree Edit


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Deceased or unknown status
  • Einarr
  • Lar

List of all Family MembersEdit

Astri's Family Tree


Einarr; Deceased, killed by Sverin


Kenna (formerly); Living, the Winderost (as of Beneath the Windward Sun)


Eyvindr; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)


Ollar; Deceased, died of fear from a wyrm


Asfrid; Living, the Silver Isles (as of By the Silver Wind)


Dagr; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Salmon Run)


Vidar; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Starward Light)


Eyvin; Living, the Silver Isles (as of The Starward Light)


Lar; Status Unknown


Eirikur; Deceased, cause of death unknown

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By the Silver Wind QuotesEdit

Astri: Eyvindr, son-of-Einarr. He'll be the finest in the pride, my lord.

Rashard: I know it.

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  • Astri's name could possibly be derived from 'Astridr', meaning 'beautiful goddess'.
    • This name fits her, as she is described as beautiful many times over.
  • Along with Tollak and Dagr, Astri is one of the only known Half-Bloods born during Sverin's rule who stayed in the Silver Isles.

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