The Aesir (Dragon-Blood) are a breed of Gryfons that fled from the Winderost after Sverin convinced his father, Per to flee from the Winderost. They conquered the Silver Isles and resided there for eleven years until Rashard and Kjorn restored order to the Winderost by defeating the wyrms.

The PrideEdit


Compared to the Winderost Aesir, these Aesir have brighter, more unnatural colors after Kajar and his band of gryfons received the dragon's blessing. They are larger than the Vanir.

Feather colorsEdit

  • Shades of gold or orange[2]
  • Shades of silver[3]
  • Shades of green[4]
  • Shades of red[5]

Eye colorsEdit

  • Shades of gold[6]
  • Shades of yellow[7]
  • Shades of blue[8]


The Aesir worship Tyr and fear the night and sea. They do not have any knowledge of Tor. They mainly focus on glory in battle and the loyalty to the king. Like their Winderost cousins, when they lived in the pride of the Winderost, they were also divided into different clans based on their families.


These Aesir are shown to be arrogant and self-important. They believe that all creatures except for gryfons are witless and that the gryfons are superior to everything.

Pride HistoryEdit

Known RoyaltyEdit

King KajarEdit

Prince PerEdit

Little is known about Per when he was a prince.

King Per and VarEdit

Prince Sverin and ElenaEdit

During his time as the Dawn Spire prince, Sverin spent most of his days adventuring with his mate Elena and wingbrother Caj.

King Kjorn and Queen ThyraEdit

Prince KvasirEdit

Dragon-Blooded AesirEdit

A list of all Dragon-Blood Aesir and their clans.

Clan of EnEdit

Clan of MajEdit

Clan of IngmarEdit

Gryfons of an Unknown ClanEdit


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  1. There are at least 50 gryfons that serve in the Guard, and each of the (known) clans has at least 30+ members.
  2. Kjorn has golden feathers while his cousin Eyvin and Vald have copper and orange respectively.
  3. Ollar has metallic silver feathers.
  4. Hallr has green feathers.
  5. Kajar, Sverin and Per all have red feathers and are called The Red Kings because of this.
  6. Sverin has golden eyes.
  7. Hallr has yellow eyes.
  8. Kjorn has summer-blue eyes
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