The Aesir (Dawn Spire) are a breed of Gryfons living in the Dawn Spire, and are closely related to the Aesir of the Silver Isles.

The two groups however bear a number of differences, including more bright colors for the ones living in the Silver Isles and a conflicting past that have to be faced by Shard and Kjorn.

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Contrary to the Aesir of the Silver Isles, those of the Dawn Spire are large in number and have more natural colors similar to the Vanir, but theirs are much warmer than the cold colors of the Vanir.

Feather colorsEdit

  • Shades of brown[2]
  • Shades of red[3]
  • Shades of gray[4]
  • Shades of gold[5]

Eye colorsEdit

  • Shades of brown[6]
  • Shades of blue[7]
  • Shades of gold[8]


In the Dawn Spire, there is a strict Tier system. Gryfons are born into their parent's tier, but can move up in the rankings with accomplishments. Your tier determines how high up your den is. If outcasts are taken in to the pride, they start at the lowest tier, but can move upwards.

Since the pride is bigger than the one in the Silver Isles, they are divided into hunters and warriors, rather than gryfons taking up both roles. The hunters, like in a lion pride, are mainly females and the warriors are mainly the males, but the ranks are not gender-determined. The pride is divided into smaller prides based on their families (see below).


Most of the Dawn Spire Aesir, like the Dragon-Blood Aesir, are wary and fearful of the night. They are shown to be bitter because the Dragon-Blood left the Winderost and forced them to deal with the wyrms on their own. They are not arrogant like the Dragon-Blood.

Pride HistoryEdit

Known RoyaltyEdit

King KajarEdit

King Per and Queen VarEdit

Prince SverinEdit


King Orn and Queen EslaEdit

Prince OslarEdit

King Kjorn and Queen ThyraEdit

After discovering the truth of the Conquering, Kjorn flew with his wingbrother Rashard to the

As of now, little is known about the ruler of Kjorn and Thyra.

Prince KvasirEdit

Winderost AesirEdit

A list of all Winderost Aesir and their clans.

Clan of EnEdit

Clan of MajEdit

Clan of IngmarEdit

Gryfons of an Unknown ClanEdit


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  1. There are at least 50 gryfons that serve in the Guard, and each of the (known) clans has at least 30+ members.
  2. Valdis, Brynja and Mar all have tawny feathers. Rok has brown feathers. Ilse has dun and russet feathers. Dagny is described with rich earth-brown feathers.
  3. Orn has tawny red feathers.
  4. Sigga has gray feathers.
  5. Elena, Esla and Oslar all have golden feathers.
  6. Orn has pale brown eyes.
  7. Elena, Esla and Oslar have summer-blue eyes.
  8. Brynja and Valdis have gold eyes.
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